The Heeey Baby Days Of Beach Music [by Greg Haynes]







The Platters & The Jesters (1968)
The Platters & The Jesters (1968)
Photo taken in Rock Hill, S.C. when
The Jesters backed up The Platters

NOTE: The Jesters from Athens, GA are one of the most intact bands from The Heeey Baby Days
with SEVEN of the 60's group still performing.

The Platters & The Jesters (2005)
The Platters & The Jesters (2005)
Happenstance Reunion At Alabama Theatre
(Only original Platter present is Herb Read)
Jesters present from the 1960's to 1990's:
Bill McDonald, Scott Piotrowski, Donnie
Whitehead, & Freddy Seagraves

Meanwhile, back in Athens, GA, current Jesters who backed up The Platters in the 60's are now wishing they had made the trip:
Davis Causey, Harold Williams, Steve Hartley & Billy Young

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